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Desperate Help as soon as Possible

Posted by lubega on December 3, 2015 at 12:40 PM

My name is Sulaiman C

My age is about 80 years old I am being abused and tormented by my neighbors at address 201 Holly dr

These fields follow me around and torment me for my head to my toes can you remove this for me and stop the people from tormented me forever what to do with these people is totally up to you I will be calling you as soon as I get an international calling card I just want to know from you can you tell this serious matter I don't have a lot of money because they have stolen all of my money but I do have something I would really appreciate it if you would truly help me I was told that nothing you could not resolve I'm using my friends email so please text them back and let me know what could you do to get this stuff off of me and how much could I start 10 so that I can be free again and live my life what a time I have left thank you kindly I look forward to hearing from you soon I am in need of desperate help as soon as possible thank you also could you please tell me the name of this man and woman who are tormented me

[email protected]

I was searching for a good spell caster for quick results.

Posted by lubega on November 23, 2013 at 11:45 AM


Dr MOOSA is like a father to the fatherless.. i never believed these will really make a change in my marriage, and i never have it in my thought that i could ever been with my husband Mr Devis after divorcing and ending our 33 years marriage....


My life was upset i never knew where to start from when my husband broke up with me.....My name is Tanisha Devis from Poland but got married and live in Chicago USA, [email protected] is the right email address to contact for an urgent help in getting your lover back....


My husband and I have been together for 33 years before he divorced me and i was so upset because i thought i have lost my marriage forever... i did all i could to please for my husband to bring me back home but all to be in vain.. i had to traveled away from my state because i was not having anywhere to stay because my home was not conducive for me to stay because my husband want me out of the house, i travel to a friend of mine in California, one night.

when i was searching on a good spell caster results that help in bringing back lost lover's and husband's.


i found an interesting story that was shared by Santana Valdez From Texas Huston, about a good spell caster called Dr moosa, and how he helped her in getting her husband back home, and i decided to put a try in contacting him... he replied me back.. i thought at first these was just normal and he told me that i was going to get back my husband after a period of 28 hours i still doubted him.... But today as i am sharing these good news is for me to express my experience to all the whole universe that these is a good spell caster that helps in bringing back lost lovers.


I am happily with my husband and my 3 kids, TARRY, WENDY, JEFF... great spell doctor i thank you for helping me to get my family back.... his email address is (http://www.spiritualherbalistdoctor.com)


Thanks, From Tanisha Devis, drmoosa is my Grandfather because he was always!

there for me when i needed him mostly and he is the reason why am here testifying.

apply today.

Am a winner of mega million at Casino

Posted by lubega on November 21, 2013 at 3:10 PM

Hi my name is Darry Davis

i am from Otawa- Canada

i would like to thank you drmoosa with your powers and the  spirits you are using for making me win such big dream . i have never thought of it neither believe that one day i will count a bundle of cash.  but right now am recoganised by many people in my area due to the mirracle you have enstored in me . People were loughing at me always while am was poor and i had no choice but to accept the facts that i can do nothing about improvement in my life , i also wanted one day to kill my self because i saw that am alone in such a situation of poverty, my mom one day was almost dying in hospital without money to pay for proper medication in hospital ,until i was visiting my friend at his house where i found him by his house busy searching on his laptop on internet and i told him to let also use it to chat with my girlfriend ,remmy on Facebook ,then i saw a link on my time line stating that drmoosa is the best spell caster all over the world , firstly i never believed and i clicked on the link while it just took me directly to his website : http://www.spiritualherbalistdoctor.com. i read and read until i landed to the webpage of a testimony where he has people giving testinomies about what he has done for them, i also doubted ,but i got one testimony with a reference number ,tellephone and email ,i then called the lady and she was so happy already with this doctor's miracle results. i asked her that do you recommend drmoosa to help me too regards my problems? she said she;s morethan 100% reccomend me to the guy. i then called drmoosa at +27783261944  and at the same times emailed him at [email protected] which he responded very well and quickly. cutting story short , he gave me something which i never recoganised and i used it to wash it in a rain water and he said i should go with it to casino while am playing at the machine i should talk somewords he gave me on the paper which i did very well . few minutes i saw a machine making noise ,ooo i was shocked and thought it is fault but later i saw a woman and a man come over me taking my details asking me how i feel about this win. i said what ?? they told you have won $2.000.345.366.00.Cash  i was almost fainting but they took me to a room started to look after me like a king. Then asked me to give them my banking details . The next  day i was busy shoping for my first car and ordered agents to get me a mansion . So whoever see mr Moosa just thank him for me please.....i beg you.



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